1.) Will I have to discount my note or contract?


Yes. The amount of the discount depends on the property’s equity, the interest rate, terms of the note, and the property type.

2.) What effect does selling my note/contract have on the payer?

Nothing changes other than where the payments are sent: to the note buyer.

3.) What’s the process?

  • You accept the quote.

  • Contract agreement is sent to you with a request for copies of your documents. You keep the originals until closing.

  • Documents are reviewed

  • The appraisal and title commitment are ordered.

  • Closing date is scheduled.  The closing takes typically 2-3 weeks on residential note. On commercial notes the closing takes 3-4 weeks due to more due diligence. 

    • Note: If there is no underline lien to payoff, the closing can be done by overnight mail. However, some investors may require the closing to take place at a title company or an attorney’s office.

4.) Are there any costs to me?

Our quote is net cash to you.  You pay no cost.

5.) How do I get started?

For a free, no obligation quote, simply click here and complete our FREE quote form.

Call us today so we can give you a quote for your note!

Frequently asked questions

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